Friday, November 5, 2010

A Guide to Surge Protection

Today’s electrical appliances, stereo equipment and computer systems are much more important to our daily lives than we’d like to imagine. Our computers are our link to the world around us. They have become a center-point in the daily lives of many families. Think about it, what would you do if your computer burned up? Could you afford to replace it on a moment’s notice, and what about all the valuable data stored on it? Could you easily replace the Plasma screen television you bought for the holidays? You may want to consider protecting your valuable electronics with a proper surge protector.
What is a surge protector? A surge protector is your first line of defense against voltage surges or spikes in your home or office’s electrical system. Typically, a “surge” is when the voltage in your home increases slightly and lasts for about three nanoseconds. A “spike” is a voltage increase that lasts for one to two nanoseconds. Either one can have a devastating effect on your delicate electronics if they are unprotected.
Surge protectors come in many sizes, shapes and variations. Sometimes called a “power strip”, most homeowners know them for being able to extend the number of outlets available on a given wall outlet, like a more convenient extension cord. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, that so-called “power strip” can be a money saver if it’s ever called upon to do its job.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gainesville Ga Electrical Services

Hi Friends,
 Google has kept The Energy Detective in the Front Pages by installing 7 more TED devices for Their Employees. Gainesville Ga Electrical Services is proud to install TED's for Google.

April TED Installations....

Hi Family,
 The month of April has been wonderful. We installed 7 more TED Devices for Google Employees. Thanks Google for your Insight on Energy Savings. George

Friday, March 26, 2010

Electrical Installs Dirt Cheap Electrical Services Meet and Greet

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Google Employee's Lead The Way

The past few days I installed 5 (TED) "The Energy Detective" devices in those employees homes. Once again Google leads the way in Evaluation of Energy Systems. Thank You Guys for letting me being a Part of the Future. I hope to have my own TED to install @ my home. George Argo(, (,(